CFB Expansion Would Ruin College Football

As this year’s College Football Playoffs are now set and ready to go, the same thing has happened that happens every year.  The sports media, the fan bases, and everyone in between are arguing why it was good for 1 team to get in or terrible that another didn’t get in.  This is my first reason as to why I don’t think we need to expand the CFP.  There will always be someone somewhere arguing for a different team.  That will never end.  I hear a lot of people say expand it to allow all 5 Power conference Champions in at-large and have a few “wildcard” types in.  The problem with this argument kills a few different avenues.  First, it would water down the regular season tremendously.  As it is now, a 1,2, or 3 loss team are never sure if they are in or not, so every game counts.  If you expand, the 2 loss Buckeyes are in, the 2 loss USC Trojans are in, which sounds great in theory.  However, this leads right into my next point.  If we expanded to let all 5 Power Conference Champions in the playoffs at-large then the regular season becomes watered down and a little more boring.  Everyone will start the SEC model.  You won’t see Ohio State, USC, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida State, etc play each other early in the season to create that excitement.  They will all play the Mercers, Furmans, Chattanoogas, and UT-Martin types along with their conference games.  Those teams would just checkout until the conference title games which would make the end of the year have teams that didn’t get better through better competition either.  As much as I don’t always agree with the committee, it still makes it exciting, and makes every game count and who you play matter.  The committee needs help in this and not let teams in, that cupcaked their way through the season.  Playing an FCS team in week 8 or later should be an automatic disqualifier if you are a major power.  Have some self respect and don’t belittle your school, your fans, your conference, or your brand.  That is a joke too.  Keep the must win every game, every week excitement going!  You can’t make everyone happy, there will always be something to argue.  I prefer to argue Ohio State vs Alabama and not have to argue over UCF vs Wisconsin or a 3 loss team vs a 2 loss team.  Keep it the same!  No expansion!!!


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