Floyd vs Conor: Stop It “UFC Guy”

On Saturday night we saw what we all truly knew what was going to happen.  You may not admit it, or you may pretend you thought something different was going to happen, but you know deep down you saw this coming.  Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor by TKO in the 9th round.  Floyd now moves to 50-0 as he heads toward his retirement…again.  “UFC guy” will try to tell us a few things to try to help make the fight look closer than it actually was.  The first thing he will say is, “the referee saved Floyd from Conor and called the fight too early.”  Stop it “UFC guy.”  There is no reason to get blacked out to prove what we saw.  Save poor Conor from the lights out and CTE issues.  Even the experts say we knew what was coming and it just stopped it from getting to the point of worse just to appease a crowd.  The second thing he will say is, “Did you see McGregor control that fight for the first 4 rounds?”  Stop it “UFC guy.”  It is called strategy.  Floyd knew he would wear out.  As a matter of fact, he even told us what we was going to do.  Then, he did it…the way he said he would.  Nothing Conor predicted, happened.  They call boxing a sweet science, and Mayweather showed why and how that is.  He knew when to open and strike and it was all part of the plan.  It wasn’t close.  Of course Conor got a few good shots in, but they didn’t do anything to Floyd.  For as much money as he made, he better have landed something.  “UFC guy,” your man got beat, by one of the greatest tactical fighters to ever walk this earth.  There is no shame in that.  Repeat after me:  “A guy boxing for the first time lost to one of the best boxers ever.”  Not a crazy ending, an expected, and inevitable ending.  49 other guys honed the boxing skill their entire life to try to beat Floyd and couldn’t do it.  Conor wasn’t ever going to hone his skill for an hour and be able to.  Enjoy your payday, and how proud he made the UFC, and move on.  Floyd wins again.


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