High School Sports – Parochial vs Public: It’s A Problem

We are about halfway through the 2017 Ohio High School Football season and I’ve come to realize something.  The parochial schools have an athletic advantage over the public schools and it is both not close and not fair.  After week 3 was over the AP poll looked a little lopsided up top.  The top 3 schools were all private.  The first public school came in at number 4 which was Canton McKinley.  There are a total of 1,453 High Schools in the state of Ohio.  1,245 of them are public and 208 are private.  It is time to have them compete against each other for their own State titles.  We can still have them play against public schools in their preseason and regular season schedules, however when it comes time for a title run, they need to be put in their own “division.”  In the last 11 years, public schools have won only 2 division 1 State Football Titles.  Hilliard Davidson won in 2006 and 2009.  From 2010-2016, the winner has always been a parochial school.  They have a won a majority of the State Baseball titles over the years as well.  This shows me there is a complete and utter disadvantage for the public schools in this current setup.  Private schools are almost on the plain of a college program.  They can bring in a kid from anywhere.  The parochial schools can give “scholarships” to a certain extent.  It is not a coincidence these schools just keep on winning.  It is time to change things for the better.  The OHSAA needs to keep the regular season schedules the same, but when it comes to playoff time lets separate Private from Public, and put things the way they should be.  If not all schools have the same rules, they shouldn’t compete, and play the same game.  This isn’t about a “level playing field.”  This is about right from wrong.  Opinions can vary, but numbers never lie.  7 of the last 7 State Football Champions in division 1 are all private schools, and 9 of the last 11.  Enough said…


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