It’s All About the Tiger (From Within)

Amazing, compelling, captivating. This weekend we saw all of those things in a golf tournament and a life. Tiger Woods, your 2019 Masters Champion! I’ve always said Tiger is the only athlete in history bigger than his sport. Golf was for the old, retired, or the rich. Since 1997 he’s captivated 16 year olds +, both men and woman, boys and girls. He brought generations of people to a sport nobody wanted. Michael Jordan was close, but he captivated using an already popular sport, made it global, and more popular. Tiger did that with a sport nobody cared about. Tournament winners went from winning tens of thousands of dollars, to winning millions. He brought sponsors in and got them to change spending from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.

Why were we so glued? The comeback, the doubt… Earlier in his career we were obsessed with a robot who’s only feeling was domination. It was domination like we’ve never seen. Then, he got humbled, he worked, cried, and lost. He kept fighting and getting back up when we all abandoned his chances again. From the torn ACL, neck injury, sprained MCL, achilles injury, 3 back surgeries, family issues, dependency issues, he never gave up. He showed us all that going from the very top of the mountain to rock bottom isn’t the end. Believe in yourself when nobody else will. Now we wanted to see if the resurrection was possible. We now watched a human golf genius and it was everything to us for an afternoon. We cheered, we cried, and for the first time we could understand human Tiger. That sucked us in even more. I sat with my son and explained to my 7 year old about the Tiger I knew, all of them. The dominating robot who broke records, to the family issue Tiger, the getting older and injury Tiger. Then with the help of Tiger Woods, my 7 year old got introduced to the best Tiger. Tiger Woods, the 2019 Masters Champion. Tiger the human, Tiger the son, Tiger the father, who came all the way back! AMAZING! Thank you Tiger Woods…for more than just golf…for the moment, the unforgettable moment!


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