Kap’s Right and Wrong

This just might piss you off.  You might not agree with what I’m about to say.  Let’s be honest, this is a very touchy subject with a lot of people.  Some people are still fired up, some people are over it, and some people just don’t care.  I’m ok with what Colin Kaepernick did when he kneeled during the National Anthem last season.  I’m also ok with the backlash that certain people and organizations are putting towards him.  If he has the right to protest, then the other side has the right to stand by their side.  I personally wouldn’t have done it, because it has too much of a touch for other people.  He hasn’t spoken himself, so perspective employers shy away from people who start things, get everyone else in an uproar, and don’t help with a solution.  This is the part where I can agree with NFL owners… Remember, he was the guy who wore socks with pigs dressed as police officers.  That shows me ignorance and a severe lack of maturity.  Ali and Jim Brown were taken seriously as activists because they had our respect on their fields and did it in a mature manner.  They didn’t call people names like a 10 year old.  They focused on the issues at hand during their times.  Kaepernick hasn’t posted something about Football in years, so to me, I am wondering if he even cares about having an NFL job, and the only people that are mad, are people that want to keep the pot stirred.  Colin, you made a statement for what you believe in…Great.  Now the issues are being talked about like you wanted.  The more you start a fight and stay silent, the more you look like an instigator with no direction and intelligence on the matter.  It is time for you to speak up.  Do it for yourself, for your cause, and for people to actually take you seriously again.  You have now become the conversation instead of your reason for starting this.  I agree with your power to protest, but I also agree with the other side questioning if you are something they want to deal with.  You are an uber talented athlete, but your silence is defeating your cause and your life.  P.S.  Tell your inner circle to shut up.  They sound STUPID and they are costing you more opportunities than you cost yourself.


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