LBJ vs MJ: The Discussion Is the Argument

There is constant debates, articles, and discussions about who is the Goat in the history of the NBA.  Michael Jordan vs LeBron James…  Is chasing MJ, the known Goat, pointless from here on out for LBJ?  We hear everything from amount of rings, NBA Finals record, playoff record, to broken statistical records.  Michael didn’t have to deal with Social Media and his marketing team protected him for years from his shortcomings as a teammate and person off the court.  Athletes could never get through a career without certain things coming out in today’s day and age of technology.  LeBron handles it all well, with nothing truthfully bad coming out about him as a person.  Sure, he can be a little passive aggressive at times, but that pales in comparison to how MJ was.  The other thing that comes to mind is we never had debates, shows, or constant articles having this discussion before, at this pace or intensity.  LeBron will never get the approval of the majority as the Greatest Of All Time over Michael Jordan.  He should stop trying to chase that moniker, because just being in the discussion proves enough.  Nobody else, to this level gets to be in that debate consistently.  Nobody else has the resume to even put on that board against Air Jordan.  So just being in the discussion is enough and an accomplishment that no one else can say.  Be good with that LBJ, because getting above him alone will never happen in too many people’s eyes and minds.  The discussion is the argument.  Just having the debate shows how great LeBron James actually is.  The discussion is the argument that keeps on winning.


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