LeBron, Tiger, & Zion

What do LeBron James, Tiger Woods, and Zion Williamson have in common? Ratings! I talk a lot about ratings. They matter. The better they are, the more money advertisers will pay. When that happens, you as fans get more options, more games, and more access. Those are the things you crave as a fan. We saw that this year’s NCAA Basketball National Championship was the 3rd least watched in a decade. Zion did that. Duke had higher ratings on their ESPN games than the NBA had on their ESPN games. Zion did that too. Coach K even mentioned it in an interview about knowing what he had as far as must see TV this year. Then we saw Tiger Woods win The Masters. The Sunday round was the most watched morning golf broadcast in 34 years. Thank Tiger for that! They did have to move up the Sunday tee-times to avoid potential weather issues, so the final group got out sooner than normal and the ratings reflect that too. The NBA is almost through the 1st round of the Playoffs. As we know there is no LeBron for the first time in years, and wouldn’t you know it, the ratings are down 30%. Coincidence? Nope. He matters. The NBA will take a hit when LBJ finally decides to hang it up for good just like when MJ left. Remember, especially in ratings, hatred/dislike trump love. Fans want to watch players and teams they hate most lose and fail. Whether you love them or hate them, you want them. Drama brings the story and the intrigue. Advertisers will pay for that big time, which gives you more of what you want…games, options, access. You better love it!


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