Let’s Enjoy LBJ; Before It’s Too Late

Lebron James is in the middle of his 16th year in the NBA.  We are going to start seeing the decline of his skills, which in turn will bring about the end of his career soon as well.  After he is gone we will never see another Lebron.  Just like we will never see another Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, or Bird.  These kinds of players are once in a generation.

 So, with that being said, I think it is time to enjoy what we are witnessing in Lebron before he is gone and never comes back.  I have a fear that his true greatness will not be celebrated until he is long gone from the game.  We have the chance now, while he is still dominating to celebrate what we are watching.  Lets stop all the hate and be in awe of what we have in front of us.  He is the first true SUPERSTAR athlete that has had to deal with Social Media his entire career.  Every word, every move, every win, and every loss under a microscope of professional media, and fan boys with a voice now on every platform.  

Why all the hate for something so great?  You don’t like him and you like your favorite player and team better, that is perfectly alright, but do not diminish how great this player actually is.  LBJ has lived up to the hype since his early teen years.  Not many humans that have had that kind of hype have actually followed through for so many years.  Most fold, disappear, or simply don’t pan out at all.  He has in a HUGE way, maybe even more so.  He hasn’t been apart of any scandals, criminal acts, or rumors.  He has done it the right way from day one.  He has done more for communities than most people have done for their own families.  He is probably going to end up ranked very high in almost all categories that matter.  That is something that the NBA has NEVER seen before.  So, I implore you!  Stop hating, belittling, and diminishing.  Just watch, and enjoy, because one day, whether you think you will or not, will talk about how great he actually was, once your fandom calms down with time.


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