Michigan’s Beilein Takes Cavaliers Job

The Cleveland Cavaliers have hired University of Michigan’s John Beilein to be their next Head Coach. As the news broke early Monday morning it came as a surprise to most as Beilein was not on anyone’s radar or apart of any discussions in the media about being an option or a target for Cleveland. Now that the news has settled in and I’ve had time to think about this hire, I’ve wondered, like everyone else has…will/can this work? I have a few questions as to why it might not, and I have some notes as to why it will.

My first concern is his age. Not because I think age is an issue with success, but at his age of 66, how long will he realistically stick around, and that is if it works out…4, 5 years? When you hire a coach, you’d like to think you’ve found your head answer for 10 years plus, and I don’t see him sticking around that long no matter how successful he becomes. The next concern that came to me was why has it taken you this long to make it to the NBA? Was this your first chance, did the time just feel right, was this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for? Why did you wait so long to leave the ranks of College Basketball?

With concerns also come optimism. There are a few things that come to mind that say this will work for both Beilein and the Cavs. One of his strengths is developing young talent. That is exactly who the Cavs are right now. A young team looking for development and direction that John can add. The new Cleveland Head Coach won’t take any crap from young players, old players, or stars. He is strong willed and strong headed that will demand respect and command the locker room. John Beilein is a great in-game coach and making in-game adjustments. The ball will move, the players will move, it will be an exciting brand of basketball for the young players on the roster and the ones coming in from the draft. The fans won’t have to worry about that pound the floor with the rock, iso-ball. With Cleveland not having a star player as of right now, it is the perfect brand of basketball needed right now. No matter who they get or bring in from the upcoming draft, it is the kind of basketball that can build success for everyone who will buy-in.


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