My Take – 2019 NFL Draft

The 2019 NFL Draft is complete. I’m not going to sit here and tell you a grade for each team or who I thought won and lost the draft. I don’t like doing that for the simple fact that we truly won’t know who won or lost a draft for 3-4 years. The teams that do win are the teams that get or draft a Quarterback and he hits. The most important position in all of sports is the Quarterback. No matter what it takes to get him, when you do, it changes everything. Get your QB right and you win. Some of the notes ard takes I have on this year’s draft are:

1. The Arizona Cardinals HAD to take Kyler Murray at #1. When you bring in a mediocre college coach into the NFL, the one thing you should do to maximize his chances of success are let him get his QB that fits his system the best, and for Kliff Kingsbury that is definitely Murray. We don’t know if Kliff will workout, or if Kyler will be good, but you had to put them together to give it a chance.

2. The New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman is a complete MORON! The man didn’t know which conference Dwayne Haskins played in. He said that he did “extensive research” on Daniel Jones which was defined in his mind as 3 series of football at the Senior Bowl, and he flat out lied saying he knew for a fact that 2 other teams would have taken Jones before the 17th pick. We’ve now heard sources confirm that isn’t true either. The man sounded like an idiot before, during, and after the draft and it is obvious that he is completely in over his head in the chair he now occupies.

3. The Washington Redskins had a HOMERUN of a 1st Round if even half of it pans out. I’m not too sure about how they did for the entire draft, but I’m super impressed with what they got in Round One. First they got Ohio State Quarterback Dwayne Haskins at #15 without having to move up or give anything up. He broke some Drew Brees records in the Big Ten. There is a huge ceiling for that young kid. They ended up getting Mississippi State Edge Rusher Montez Sweat. He fell during the Combine because he was diagnosed with a heart condition. During the draft it was reported that it may have been a misdiagnoses and that doctors may have said he is fine and can pursue a full career in the NFL. If that is true, that is a HUGE get in the late part of the round for someone who has early 1st round potential. The other good get for the Redskins was grabbing Ohio State Wide Receiver and Haskins pal Terry McLaurin in Round 3. This is good for no other reason than a comfortable face for Dwayne and him to go through the Rookie process together. If he pans out to be something, even better for both of them.

4. The potential biggest steal for me was the Chicago Bears getting Georgia Bulldog WR Riley Ridley in the 4th Round. Every time I watched Ridley play in his BIG games, he showed up and showed out. When you are on the fence in the draft I always look at 2 things from your college career. How did you perform against your biggest rivals, and how did you perform when the lights were brightest like New Year’s 6 Bowls, Title games, etc. This matters to me because every week in the NFL is rivals and bright lights. Are you built for it. We saw during the team’s biggest games, Ridley was.


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