My Take: Cowherd vs Baker

The feud between sports radio personality Colin Cowherd and Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is still ongoing. I have heard and seen a lot of people throw their 2-cents worth in about it. Some of them on-lookers, but most of them are Cleveland fans and Baker lovers. With all of the emotional opinions from fanboys and others, I thought I would also give my 2-cents worth on the matter as well.

Let me start out by saying that I love it. I think it is hilarious and hope there is no end in sight. I’ve listened to Colin since his time at ESPN, read both of his books, and been a caller on his show back when he took calls. I don’t always agree with him, but that is why I continue to listen. I will never listen to someone I always agree with, because I wouldn’t learn anything. As far as Baker goes.. I love his fire and talent so far. I don’t love all the noise and extras with him, but I think he is perfect for Cleveland and perfect for that Browns organization. They were meant for each other.

Baker Mayfield is a little bit right here. Colin needs clicks. All media needs clicks. It’s been that way since the beginning of time. It used to be called, readers, subscribers, followers. With the internet age, it is clicks. Baker is also a little bit wrong. Colin was the #1 sports talk show in the country for like 8-10 straight years. He doesn’t need you. You are playing into exactly what he said you were. Cowherd isn’t a liar and he doesn’t always think he’s right. He does think he’s right probably a lot more than he actually is. However, he’s the only one who does a weekly segment admitting to his rights and wrongs. Most in his position bury the subject down the road if they’re wrong. You have to give him credit for that. He’s been crazy successful for 25 years. You don’t do that by making random stuff up or lying. I don’t think Baker wants this to end, because like the clicks he says Colin needs, Baker needs the additional platform to further build his brand. Hence SELLING t-shirts on the matter. You are profiting too, so stop pretending you aren’t.

Colin is a little bit wrong here. He was wrong about Mayfield’s arm strength at the NFL level. It turns out to be better than he said. He said the Cleveland QB shouldn’t start until later in the season during his rookie year. Now that we’ve seen his 1st season, it is very clear he should have started even sooner than he did. We all watched as the entire feel of the franchise changed with 1 drive of the football. Colin brings strong opinions to the table, but that is what he is paid to do. He also brings verifiable facts to quite a few things he says. Most of the emotional fanboys discount that part because it gives validity to a poor outlook on their favorite teams or players. No matter which side of this feud you are on, I think it is hilarious, and I hope it doesn’t end soon.


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