NFL (Not For Long)

Football is the most popular sport in America.  The National Football League is the most popular league in America.  It is one of the biggest, most powerful brands in the world.  It also has a lot of push, pull, and power over the media.  However, over the past 5 or so years, there has been some problems brewing.  These problems have started snowballing and it is all starting to show.  It is tearing at the fabric at this once unbreakable shield.  The question now starts to become, will the NFL be around in 20 years?  How about 10 years for that matter?  As of this moment, it seems a crazy notion and impossible.  I believe is it very possible and even likely if you just look at the landscape.  So, lets play the eye test.  The NFL is having MAJOR issues with this CTE thing and it has parents pulling their kids out of Football.  Heck, even professional players are saying no way to the game for their kids.  Young NFL players are retiring after only a few years in the league saying things like, I want to still be able to walk, stand, or think for myself in 10 years.  So enrollment in Football across America is down.  It has gone political.  So much so views are turning it off.  Viewership ratings are down.  This could be attributed to the political lean in something we all use to escape the drama of every day life.  It could be the product on the field is always hurt.  OR….  The refs too…  We as fans have always complained in some way about the officiating.  However it has gotten so bad that we don’t even know the rules anymore.  What is a catch again?  The ball over the goal line in air is a TD, but 2 feet down isn’t unless…?  Huh??  The rule changes has the refs confused, which has us confused, and none of it makes sense.  When you add all of these elements in business, it looks disastrous.  A lot of things need done to fix this, and I’m not so sure the men in power can, will, or are capable of it all.  So, with all this being said, the National Football League may start to mean Not For Long from here on out, as the decline in America’s favorite game continues faster each season with no fix in sight.  I definitely wouldn’t buy the NFL right now.  As a matter of fact, I think it is time to sell.


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