No Bowl Game Is Meaningless

As I watch these College Bowl Games from the Walk-On Bowl to the Rose Bowl and everything in between, I see something on Social Media that further more shows me fans and some media people are complete idiots.  I’m seeing these people say that if you’re not in the College Football Playoffs your Bowl game is meaningless.  Maybe to you.  Of course you were probably mediocre at best in High School sports and never played on a big stage or a higher stage than that, so you really have no clue.  The schools and players that play in these Bowl games would have something to say about that.  First of all there is such thing as pride, the love of playing the game, and playing with your teammates one last time in a season that might be your last with that group.  To me as a former athlete, that is enough right there.  I would kill for 1 last go around with my teammates, and would cherish being on that field for as long as possible.  In case you need more, no problem…  Second of all, there is such thing as pride of school.  They want to put that Bowl trophy in their respective schools trophy case.  There are hundreds of schools that don’t get that opportunity each year so those things actually mean something.  The fans love and hate for their schools, players, friends, dorm mates, and their rivals and/or opponents.  The obvious of money being generated and jobs being created for those games.  Then, it gives us something to talk about, debate about, and build shows about.  If you are a fan and can’t get up for your favorite teams Bowl game because you find it “meaningless,” you are not a fan.  You are telling us and your “favorite” team that you only care when it means something as far as playoffs go, and the rest of the time they mean nothing to you.  It means something to the players, the coaches, the REAL fans, the students, the schools, the opponents.  They put in the work to be “bowl eligible” and try to win something, and something is better than nothing.  You probably wouldn’t understand anyway.  As a matter of fact, if you are this guy, I know for a fact you don’t get it.  All the Bowl games matter to the people who actually matter.


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