The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history is complete.  The New England Patriots are champions again.  However, was it a comeback or a collapse?  We did have a “David Tyree” type catch, but this time by the Patriots when Julian Edelman made a catch off of a leg.  The Atlanta Falcons ran the ball 14 times and threw the ball 16 times in their first 30 plays of the game and was dominating.   After that they only ran the ball 5 times total the rest of the game.  Everything that happened leading up to the Patriots catching up to the Falcons had to do with the collapse of the play calling and decision making of Atlanta’s coaching staff.  With 4:40 left in the game Julio Jones made an amazing tip-toe catch on the Patriots 22 yard line up by 8 points.  Game over right??  Well… with 3 straight runs and a field goal, yes.  Not so fast.  Matt Ryan drops back to pass and gets sacked out of field goal range.  The rest is history.   The epic COLLAPSE was complete with an overtime touchdown by the Patriots to win 34-28.   Again I say, COLLAPSE more than COMEBACK.