That East Coast Bias Is More Real Than You Know

East Coast bias… You hear it the most when talking about College Football, its rankings, and the votes to get into the College Football Playoffs.  I will take this one step further.  We also have this bias when talking about the greatest athletes of all-time in their respective sports.  Here is East Coast bias at its finest.  Obviously the players themselves being considered the greatest in their sports is a debate in and of itself.  In the NBA, it is well considered that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all-time.  He played for the Chicago Bulls = Midwest.  He was born and raised in North Carolina = East Coast.  The NFL obviously has a ton of debate on who the greatest is.  So I took Tom Brady and added in Jim Brown.  Brady played for Michigan in college and New England in the pros = Midwest and East Coast.  Jim Brown went to Syracuse for college and played for the Browns in the NFL.  That is also East Coast and Midwest ties.  Baseball is another with many different possibilities of who the greatest of all-time is.  So I took Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle.  They all obviously played for the New York Yankees which is East Coast.  We move into Golf and come to Jack Nicklaus the Golden Bear.  He is from Columbus, Ohio = Midwest.  The NHL is a little trickier.  Wayne Gretzky is mainly considered the greatest Hockey player ever.  He is closest to West Coast than anyone in my argument.  He is most well known for his work for the Los Angeles Kings.  However, he still has quite a few ties to the Midwest and East Coast.  He spent 9 years with the Edmonton Oilers, he was with the St. Louis Blues for a few months, and finished up with 3 years for the New York Rangers.  In Boxing we have Muhammad Ali who is from Louisville, Kentucky = Midwest, and for you new age kids that want to mention the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr, he is from Grand Rapids, Michigan = more Midwest.  Just for sake of argument we will throw in Dale Earnhardt Sr. who is considered the greatest NASCAR driver ever.  He is East Coast also having been from North Carolina.   As you can see, not one of these athletes have too much if any ties to the West Coast in their professional careers.  As a matter of fact, other than Gretzky playing in LA, nobody goes past the St. Louis mark on the map.  More proof that the Midwest / East Coast bias is a real thing and it goes beyond our rankings we argue every year.  Why do we think that is…


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